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Every flower must grow through dirt

In early 2012, Max (one of our founders) was taking a shower after chemotherapy for leukemia and Peter Tosh played on the radio. Inspired, he spoke to James and Richard (our other founders) about the inevitable legalisation of cannabis and we tasked ourselves with coming up with some novel uses of cannabis. A few months later, we purchased a banana farm and started legally growing low THC cannabis in Byron Shire, New South Wales, Australia.

Every year since we have started growing we have increased our crop by a factor of ten. Many of our farm processes have been automated and computerised, and we have created a test scale extraction plant on-site. We have developed several innovative agricultural products derived from cannabis, and also a range of wellness products.


Agribusiness & biosecurity

Supercritical has spent the past 4 years developing products derived from cannabis for the agricultural and biosecurity sector. Supercritical have identified several useful compounds which will be adapted to multiple agricultural and biosecurity applications. Initial results from Bio 21 (The University of Melbourne) have come back with exceptional results

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Our farm

Supercritical has 50 acres of prime agricultural land, located 20 mins north of Byron Bay and 30 mins south of Gold Coast airport. The property has a fully self-sustained water supply containing four spring fed and rainwater dams with more than enough water for any present and future cultivation. The current licence allows for cultivation of 60000 sqm low THC plants and will soon be expanded.

Our Farm

Cannabis 101

The cannabis plant has provided humanity with fibre, food and medicine for thousands of years, but over the past few decades cannabis has been demonised. However, global sentiment is reverting back. The therapeutic use of cannabis was first recorded in ancient Egypt. Over 100 different chemical compounds called cannabinoids have been isolated from the cannabis plant; many with medicinal properties. 

Cannabis 101
Supercritical Investor Information


Supercritical is positioned to become a world leading vertically integrated cannabis business. We are developing plant genetics and industrial scale cannabinoid and terpene extraction processes in anticipation of the cannabis revolution. In addition to producing and extracting its own CBD, Supercritical is involved in several R&D projects – developing products for agricultural applications…